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This app does not work well on iPad.. I LOVE the game... Fix this bug ASAP so i can love it even more

Good game!!

It won't let me download the expansion pack though.


Fun game works terrible and needs more rounds but can play for hours

Not functioning properly on iPad

This app does not properly load on an iPad. It appears small on load, and subsequent menus/screens appear in random places with no interactive elements. I contacted the developers first to give them a chance to respond, but no reply after over a week.


It was a very fun game indeed! I love trying to think of things that relate to the topic! That' the challenging part and I like challenging games!! Get it now!!!

Its fun

Have to get it they should make more apps like it but really fun when it's alot of ppl playing


All the answers r right!!!!!!

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Great game!

This is an excellent game for the minimal price. You get 50 topics FREE to try the game out, and then have the option of buying 200 more for 99 cents. I have no idea why there are many 1 star ratings. I discovered and played this game with 6 people tonight, and everyone had a blast. People kept demanding we play more games. The game crashed twice in the 3 hours we played, but it's so much fun and so economical that I still believe it deserves 5 stars.

Great fun

Love the game but wish there were more topics. I'm willing to buy more packs of topics. Are you listening developers?

Good for families

I enjoy playing this with family a lot, but now we know all the answers. Please make new catagories and don't let the same one show up twice in the same game!

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